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About Shambhal House

There are beautiful places, comfortable cottages, sumptuous food, and a purpose to a vacation. Then there is Shambhal at Bhimtal, which offers an honest juxtaposition of everything one could want and expect from a holiday abode. The name "Shambhal" in Sanskrit means "a place of peace" or "a place of silence." Guests will find that our cottage lives up to its name, nestled in the lap of Kumaon and boasting a panoramic view of the majestic Bhimtal Lake. Surrounded by gardens from all sides, it is the perfect green getaway for birdwatchers, nature lovers, or large families seeking a quiet spot away from popular tourist destinations.

The wooden interiors of the bedrooms, sitting, and dining areas, combined with a posh bar and open kitchen concept, immediately warm you up to the place. The view is spectacular from any room you choose to sit in.

The backyard offers a stunning view of a raw mountain forest. The market is just a ten-minute drive away or a half-hour walk along the beautiful Bhimtal lake. The best part about holidaying at Shambhal is that there are numerous activities available depending on the individual. For the adventurous, there are long treks and various pagdandis to discover. For tourists, there are loads to see in and around Bhimtal. For families, it is a perfect place to spend quality time together. For couples, it is a great place to romance in the breathtakingly beautiful environs. For those who want to take a chill pill, there is the option of doing absolutely nothing. Our villa features four expansive, lake-facing rooms and abundant indoor and outdoor spaces offering unparalleled views of the majestic Bhimtal Lake. It promises a tranquil escape, where personalized service ensures a truly memorable vacation experience for you and your group.